Friday, October 1, 2010


I took a walk around town and noticed a very peculiar connection between people and God. He is the creator of human race and that is pretty big. I got a stab of jealousy in me because God is giving so much to people and all I got from the Creator is a line. I don't even know his name. Maybe it's some kind of a puzzle and when I find out his name, I'll get some rain or holy bread falling from the sky. So I took the initiative and started thinking of some stuff… God… gdo… dgo… dog… coco… chihuahua… I better stop before he strikes me with lightning or something like that. Since the Creator didn't give me enough brains, that's all the thinking I can do for today.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I have went to a club recently and I have seen a very strange thing called "grinding" up on the floor. Before that night, the only grinding I knew of was grinding meat. I mentioned that to a girl who attended and after she gave me a peculiar look, she said that was exactly what she was doing, whatever in the world the "meat" in this situation is. And later two young men were having a "beef" outside over a girl. She probably did not have enough energy to grind both of their meats. So I got completely confused with their beef and lamb meats, but one thing that I picked up (and no it was not one of the girls), was that a lot of people who came there were looking for a partner. Meeting women and men at the club does not fit everyone. For example, if you like to read, you might meet someone at the library, if you like to eat you might meet someone at a restaurant, if you dance... you know the drill. It is very rare that a group of women who like to read and learn would end up at a club on Saturday night... single. There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone when it comes to something as sensitive as finding someone to "grind your meat."


Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello from GEM!

Hello dear ladies and gentlemen,
My name is George E. Murphy. I was recently created and found out the amazing power of the Internet. People blog about their lives/their interests, and show videos of their talents. Since I have nothing to share with anyone yet, I am here to listen. Variety of topics and questions can be discussed here anonymously without being judged. People are amazing creatures and through this experience we can all learn something new. I’ll see you later.
P.S.: Items viewed above cannot be held liable for the actions of the other words please don't sue me:)